Kim Berg has worked with film since the early 90´ and has had a long career working on set, which has given him a greater understanding of the full prosess of moviemaking. As a composer this unique experience is a great advantage to have.

Kim has made scores for features, short-films, documentaries and commercials since 2015. In 2020/2021 he completed a Film Composer study at the faculty of the Norwegian Film School at the Lillehammer University College (LUC).

Kim has a great passion for this profession, his specialities/favorites are the Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi and Crime genres, but he is also hungry for Documentaries.

“It takes a little more effort to really know and be comfortable in a project to fully give it what it deserves. I will go at lengths and more to fulfill my role in this mission to succeed. I will always put the project first and above all.”
-Kim Berg

Credits include

Feature Films :
"Hvitøyet" (in postproduction) directed by Martin T.B. Thomas

"Dark Winbdows" 2023 (SF/Re-Invent) directed by Alex Herron.

"The House" and "Christmas Blood" directed by Reinert Kiil.

TV-Series :
additional score and composer consultant
"Blodsbrødre" 2023 (Monday Production) directed by Ole Endresen.

Documentaries :
"Lupah Sug" & "Ing paglayag" directed by Rhadem Camlian Morados.

Commercials :
"Felleskjøpet" & "Devold"
directed by Alexander Zwart.

"Land Rover"
directed by Aurora Kollerud Nossen & Michael Lanham.

Shortfilms :
"Thanks For everything"
directed by Frank Aron Gårdsø

"Love Hotel"
directed by Annicken Aasheim & Nina Buer Brun.



I have always loved watching movies. At the cinema, at home or anywhere. I love having this escape, just for a couple of hours. To be a part of creating the world and atmosphere of a feature is a journey of hard work and creativity.


The former drama series have found these days, with a greater focus on artistic quality os certainly gratifying to observe. I am really inspired alot of series that strive to have the quality, exquiste look and feel of hight-end motion pictures.


Commercials can be very rewarding to do, as long as the right project comes along. It has to be a little more than just to sell a product. We work in emotions and manipulating them. It hhas to be a little sophisticated to hit the right spot. The place where ar meets commercialism is a sweet spot.

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